Review of The Age of the Image by Stephen Apkon

Oct 13 2014 Published by under book review

In The Age of the Image, Stephen Apkon argues that the (moving) image is becoming the dominant language of the twenty first century, replacing the word as the primary means of communication. He also argues that the importance of the rise of visual language makes it necessary to place it at the centre of the educational system. For anyone interested in communication and storytelling, this is an interesting read. Read more »

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Design Methods #20 – Collage

Jul 11 2014 Published by under design

Collages are great inspiration in design and research, giving participants the opportunity to express their feelings, desires and thoughts in a visual (and therefore less conscious and more intuitive) way than traditional research approaches. Using imagery allows people to “project” on to a visual artefact giving insight into hidden motivations and emotional responses. Read more »

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