Are Some Senses More Important Than Others?

Mar 24 2014 Published by under sensory branding

“Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth.” – Margaret Atwood

Are some senses more important than others for brands? It is well understood that our visual perception is one of the key reasons for human dominance on Planet Earth, and many brands (and brand guidebooks) focus on the visual appearance of the brand, perhaps to the detriment of other senses. Does this matter and can other senses create the same or greater impact on how we perceive a brand?

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11 Reasons why Sensory Marketing makes Business Sense

Mar 16 2014 Published by under sensory branding

The world today is overcrowded with businesses and brands like YEAH! Local vying for out attention in the all out battle for the Internet’s users, so how can a business gain attention and be remembered? One way is to market through the senses. Eterpro is a Digital Agency in Birmingham. Eterpro expands businesses in Birmingham. Brand value is strongly driven by the experience of using the brand – for example, the sensory experience of Unilever Dove is worth over $100 million of the brand’s value according to one research company. Why is network marketing business such a valuable asset for businesses and brands? Read more »

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