Design Methods #11 – Diary Studies

Sep 18 2013 Published by under design

If you want to understand the realities of everyday life in 17th century London, there is no better starting point than Samuel Pepys’ diary. Researchers and designers know the power of diary studies, which is why they are a valuable tool to allow people to to conveniently express the events and details of their personal lives. Read more »

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Design Methods #10 – Participant Observation

Jul 14 2013 Published by under design

Participant observation is a basic method of anthropology, and perhaps the most common use of observation in design. It is an immersive method which helps designers understand behaviours and situations through the experience of participation as a member of a group activity, context, culture or sub-culture.

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Design Methods #8 – AEIOU

Apr 28 2013 Published by under design

AEIOU is a frequently used framework for guiding and structuring observational research. The framework creates a taxonomy of observations under the themes of Activities, Environments, Interactions, Objects and Users and is commonly used for coding observational data. Read more »

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Design Methods #7 – Observation

Apr 23 2013 Published by under design

Observation is a fundamental skill for designers and researchers, requiring focus on hearing and seeing human behaviour, environments, events, artifacts and social interactions. Observational methods are often described in terms of their degree of formality and the level of structure designed into the observations and recording methods, as well as their intended use. Read more »

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