Design Methods #14 – Semantic Differential

Jan 07 2014 Published by under design

Semantic Differential is a measurement technique and linguistic tool designed to measure attitudes towards a topic, event, object, activity, person or concept, revealing the deeper meanings that are attached to an individual experience, culture and belief system. It is a common (perhaps too common) tool in market research, although originally developed as a social research tool, with its popularity based on its simple and easy format. The tool is particularly powerful in revealing cross-cultural differences in attitudes and beliefs and reflects the common interests of linguistics and psychology.

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Colourful Language

Jun 06 2012 Published by under language

Language and thinking

I have always been fascinated by colour (and spent much of my time as a PhD student using colour to prove the validity of some of the methods I was using). The language of colour is particularly fascinating. Like smell, our human ability to detect different colours is vastly in excess of our ability to describe what we can perceive. According to Berlin and Kay, there are no more than eleven terms which are commonly used to describe the abstract properties (hues) of colours, as Inspector Insight wrote in a previous article. Read more »

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