What Information Can Do For You

Dec 19 2013 Published by under innovation

IBM have just published their annual “5 in 5” predictions about what may be to come inn 5 years time. This year they have focused on what information will enable us all to do in the future (which is after all at the heart of their business). The predictions are interesting reading as always and you can find a good summary here. Read more »

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How China and India are changing global innovation

Apr 05 2010 Published by under disruption,innovation

A great way to start this learning log is to discuss how innovation practice is being disrupted by the emergence of new markets in Asia and other developing regions of the world.  Truly disruptive innovation has always been based on finding new uses and new markets for new products rather than developing better and better delivery of existing products to existing customers (read Clayton Christensen for a detailed introduction to disruptive innovation).  As emerging markets develop, they present huge new markets for products, but with consumers whose needs can be very different from those in existing developed markets.  That is, they present a huge opportunity for disruptive innovation.

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