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Biophilia Effect (Principles of Design #77)

Jan 23 2018 Published by under design,shopper behaviour

Biophilia effect is the well researched and understood impact of natural environments on the emotions, productivity and physical well-being of people. Such environments with natural views and imagery reduce stress and improve concentration and focus. The effect was first proposed by Erich Fromm (although William James had written about it) and popularised by Edward Wilson and has since been empirically tested. Read more »

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How to SHAPE In-store Behaviour

Jul 10 2011 Published by under shopper behaviour

Recent discoveries in neuroscience, psychology and behavioural economics have straightforward implications for designing retail environments and point of sale materials which can be summarised as SHAPEing behaviour:

  1. Simplify the environment and minimise choices
  2. Humanise the experience
  3. Attract by engaging the senses
  4. Persuade using brand imagery
  5. Explain to activate choices Read more »

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