Design Methods #38 – Crowdsourcing

May 28 2016 Published by Neil Gains under design

Crowdsourcing happens when a “crowd” or group of volunteers help to solve or complete a task or project. Crowdsourcing is an approach that can be used to collect large quantities of data or solutions from a range of people outside your organisation in a short amount of time. Read more »

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Design Methods #14 – Semantic Differential

Jan 07 2014 Published by Neil Gains under design

Semantic Differential is a measurement technique and linguistic tool designed to measure attitudes towards a topic, event, object, activity, person or concept, revealing the deeper meanings that are attached to an individual experience, culture and belief system. It is a common (perhaps too common) tool in market research, although originally developed as a social research tool, with its popularity based on its simple and easy format. The tool is particularly powerful in revealing cross-cultural differences in attitudes and beliefs and reflects the common interests of linguistics and psychology.

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