Design Methods #1 – Focus Groups

Sep 06 2012 Published by Neil Gains under design

“Focus groups make very little sense” – Dan Ariely

Focus groups are a qualitative method used by market researchers to research the opinions, feelings or attitudes of customers, based on a (sometimes carefully) recruited group of participants about a product, service or topic of interest. Their usefulness lies in the group dynamic that can be created by a good moderator, but they are grossly overused in research as they are perceived to be a cost-effective (and time-effective) way to access the opinions of a number of customers. Read more »

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Rules that make the Inception

Jul 26 2010 Published by admin under context

“It is the framework which changes with each new technology and not just the picture within the frame.”  - Marshall McLuhan

“Every human mind you’ve ever looked at … is a product not just of natural selection but of cultural redesign of enormous proportions.”  - Daniel Dennett

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