What Brands Can Learn From Fairy Tales

Nov 06 2013 Published by Neil Gains under branding

Story is about eternal, universal forms”  - Robert McKee

What can brands and marketers learn from myths and fairy tales?

Many writers have described the role of archetypes in storytelling. Aristotle, arguably the first literary critic, described the structure of comedy and tragedy, and remains a great source for understanding how story works. In Seven Basic Plots, Christopher Booker described seven templates for telling great (brand) stories. Read more »

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Principles of Design #34 – Storytelling

Oct 30 2011 Published by Neil Gains under design

Storytelling helps designers and marketers create imagery, emotional resonance and a more complete understanding of events or systems through a natural interaction between themselves and an audience. Storytelling is an important skill in learning and sharing information and biologically hard wired into all of us as a uniquely human trait. Storytelling is the original method through which we have always passed information to one another and is a rich and satisfying way to share knowledge. Read more »

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